Church Chat (Page 3)

Speakers For November 2017

Sunday Morning Service  11.00am 5 November     Rev. J. Wilson 12 November     Mr. P. Harris   REMEMBERANCE DAY SERVICE   10.45 START 19 November     Mr. L. Wilson, includes Communion 26 November     Rev. J. Wilson   Sunday Evening Service 6.30pm 5 November     Mr. D. Varghese, includes Communion 12 November     Mrs. R. Moore 19 […]

Prayer Request

If there is anything you would like people from the church to pray about on your behalf then please tell us about it in the Add A Comment section below. Please let us know if you would like your prayer to be posted on the website.  We will keep all prayers hidden unless we receive […]

Speakers For April 2017

Sunday April 2, 10.15am @ Beacon Lough Morning Services at Durham Road, 11.00am start 9  April     Mr. D. Moore, Palm Sunday 16 April     Mr. D. Moore, EASTER SUNDAY (with Communion)  Lunch to follow service. 23 April     Rev. D. Tidball 30 April     Rev. Dr. J. Claydon   Evening […]