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Speakers For January 2017

Morning service 11.00am 1 January     Duncan Moore, includes Holy Communion 8 January     Duncan Moore 15  January     Duncan Moore 22 January     Duncan Moore 29 January     Duncan Moore.  Fellowship Lunch to follow the service.   Evening service, 6.30pm 1 January     NO EVENING SERVICE 8 January […]

Discussion Points For November 13th

Growth, discipleship and maturity   How do we become mature in Ephesians 4? 4:1-6 Through community 4:7-16 Through equipping 4:17-5:2 Through discipleship   How are we doing this?   Which of these things have you experienced through the church?   Where do we need to work?   How am I doing with this?   How […]

Discussion Points for November 6th

What is maturity? What does maturity mean in Ephesians chapter 4? The big picture in Ephesians v.1-6   Maturity in community 7-16   Maturity through equipping 4:17-5:2  Maturity in character How are we doing with this? In what areas are we doing well? Where can we move forward? How am I doing with this? What’s […]