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Sermons currently available:

Thoughts For the Future (feel free to add your ideas)

Discipleship II

John 21

Discipleship I

John 20

John 19

Luke 15

John 18   (scroll down for more on John)

Ephesians Review

Ephesians 1b

Psalm 142

Ephesians 1a

A better story for sexuality (Anne Witton)



Death and Dying

Unanswered Prayer

I Corinthians 15:1-8



Advent: Jesus

Advent: Hope

Advent: Wisdom

Philippians 4:10

Isaiah 53  (Prophecy of Christ)

Hebrews 11  (Faith)

Philippians 4:1

Psalm 110

Philippians 3:12

Mark 14

Philippians 3:1

John 12-17

Philippians 2:12

John 17

Philippians 2, v.1-11

John 16

Philippians 1;12

Harvest 2017

Philippians 1;1

John 15

John 14

Ephesians 3:18

Set Prayer

John 13

John 12b   (Scroll down for earlier sermons on John)

Jonah 4

Delvin Varghese

Jonah 3

Jonah 2

Delvin Varghese

Jonah I

How and Why To Follow Jesus

Relationship With God


II Peter Chapter 1

Luke 24

Following Christ (Diane Tidball)

First Corinthians 15 (Easter Sunday)

Leviticus 16 (Good Friday)

Luke Chapter 15  (Palm Sunday)

Baptism Service

Haggai: Part 4  (scroll down for earlier sermons on Haggai)

John Chapter 12

Hebrews Chapter 10

John Chapter Eleven, introduction

John Chapter Eleven

John Chapter Ten (scroll down for earlier chapters)

Haggai: Part 3

Abraham 3 0f 3

Haggai: Part 2

Abraham 2 of 3

Haggai: Part 1

Abraham 1of 3  (Hebrews Chapter Eleven)

John Chapter Nine

John Chapter Eight (Part 2)

John Chapter Eight (Part 1)

John Chapter Seven (scroll down for earlier chapters)

Second Corinthians Chapter 9, Verse 8

Isaiah 52

Isaiah 4o


Church Cafe Intro

John Chapter Six

John Chapter Five

John Chapter Four (scroll down for chapters 1-3)

Harvest 2016


John Chapter Three

John Chapter Two

John 1:19f

John 1:1f

The Lord’s Prayer 4

The Lord’s Prayer 3

The Lord’s Prayer 2

The Lord’s Prayer 1