Morning service at 11am
Evening service at 6pm

Renew Wellbeing Cafe

We want to use our building to engage with and serve our local community whilst also supporting those in need within on our church family.

As we move into our new building we will be partnering with ‘Renew Wellbeing’. Renew Wellbeing helps churches open ‘Renew’ spaces to improve mental and emotional wellbeing and encourages churches to share their great habits of welcome, care and prayer to help reduce isolation and increase wellbeing in their community. Renew wellbeing encourages partnership with local mental health teams and professionals to ensure that churches provide good inclusive practices for safe spaces where it’s ‘OK not to be OK’.

We want our church to be a place where it’s ok not to be ok and a place where people are encouraged to come just as they are. We also want our church to be a place where we can share our lives and faith in an authentic natural way.

We’re currently in the training and planning stage but watch this space!