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Posts from April 2021

Bible basics 9: Community and Mission

The ninth video in the series explores how Christianity is a communal faith. We see how our faith is meant to be lived out together in community and fellowship. God calls us to use the variety of gifts he has given us to serve one another and become mature in our faith. Our life together also gives a compelling witness to the presence of God in our midst so that those who don’t yet know Jesus will want to join in and be drawn to him.

Bible basics 7: Becoming a follower of Jesus

In the seventh video in the series we explore the questions ‘What has Jesus done for us?’ and ‘What do we need to do in response?’. We can have new life because of Jesus’ death and resurrection and look forward to a glorious future when he comes again. In the light of this we need to repent (turn back to God), believe and trust in Jesus, join the family of believers and follow Jesus daily.

Preparing for Easter: Easter Sunday

He is Risen ― The Lord Is Risen Indeed! Hallelujah! Read: Luke 24 and John 20. Reflect: Join in a service of worship. Spend time with your church family. In your own words, share what you have learned or experienced over the past week through these readings and what it has meant to you. Pray: Thank God that…

Preparing for Easter: Holy Saturday

The Bible is almost silent about today, the day when Jesus lies alone in the tomb. Read: Luke 23:50-56 and John 19:38-42. Reflect: As you prepare for Easter, think of what Jesus is doing for your sake even though you can’t see him. Pray: Pray that God would forgive you for those times you have doubted him. Pray…

Preparing for Easter: Good Friday

Read: Luke 22:47-23:48 and John 19:1-37. If possible, read it today, sometime between 12 noon and 3 pm and pause to reflect on Jesus’ death on the cross. Reflect: Reflect on the life and death of Jesus, keeping in mind he did this all for you! You could work through the prayer stations of the cross that we…

Preparing for Easter: Maundy Thursday

Read: Luke 22:7-46 – the last supper Reflect: Jesus told us when we break bread (eat a meal) to remember Him. Do you say “grace” before you eat? Think of the disciples. His disciples couldn’t keep awake even one hour to pray with Him. Tonight, see if you can spend one hour praying with Jesus.…