Morning service at 11am
Evening service at 6pm

We’ve been blessed with considerable growth, people coming to know Jesus, plans for a renewed building and a rich sense of God’s presence. God is on the move!

Our identity and calling

  • DEPEND ON GOD – By prayer we choose to live in humble dependence on God’s initiative, and have confident faith in his word, the Bible.
  • REFLECT CHRIST – Our lives are to be marked by love, grace, humility and God’s presence, by the Spirit.
  • BUILD COMMUNITY – We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic community including many who don’t worship with us on a Sunday. We aim to build the community through practising hospitality and social action.
  • REACH OUT – We want to reach out to our friends and the wider community, helping people to experience Christian community and hear the gospel.
  • GROW IN FAITH – We follow Jesus as a lifelong journey, being transformed by him and helping each other to grow in faith.
  • SEND AND PLANT – God’s heart is for us to reach beyond ourselves. We will prepare and send people to refresh old churches and plant new ones and send people into ministry and mission.

Our vision for our church

Gateshead Central Baptist Church is has seen considerable growth in recent years. This is fantastic, but it has put a lot of strain on the way we work. In the short term we see four areas we need to work on to take hold of more of what God has for us:

  • Community and Hospitality
  • Making Disciples (including evangelism)
  • Developing our structure and leadership capacity
  • Renewing the Building

Our vision for Tyneside

We have a real heart for mission. We want to be a blessing beyond our own congregation and we long to see spiritual renewal and revival up and down the Tyne, There are four further areas we need to work on:

  • Blessing the other Baptist churches on the Tyne
  • Collaborative church planting and renewal
  • Reaching out to other traditions to seek renewal
  • Developing social enterprise initiatives