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People have wrestled with the question of ‘Who is Jesus?’ throughout the ages. He has been called a political revolutionary, a religious guru, a mystic, a faith healer, a hypnotist, a magician, and even an alien!

Historically, Jesus was a Jew who lived 2000 years ago in northern Israel. He was the son of a carpenter. He never became a powerful ruler. He never led an army. He was a radical of his day but not just a rebel. His wisdom has transcended the generations, but he was more than a sage. He was unconcerned with celebrity yet there is no figure more discussed or quoted in human history than Jesus and today, millions of people all around the world worship and follow him.

The Gospels – books of the Bible that were written by men who lived at the same time as Jesus – teach us that Jesus was not an ordinary man but was in fact God in human form. They reveal a Jesus whose mission was to give up his life as a sacrifice for our fallen humanity. He died young – in a brutal way – nailed to a cross. But after his death, Jesus was brought to life again. He was raised into heaven and is alive today.

The Gospel writers wanted their readers to understand that coming to know this Jesus was the ultimate life–changing experience. Jesus gives new life to all who will believe in and follow him. To believe in Jesus is not about philosophical insight or about stepping up to some higher moral ground. Instead, Jesus offers each of us a living relationship that brings us a freedom – through forgiveness – to live the life that we are created to live.

Today, millions of people across the world call themselves Christians – followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus said: “I have come to bring you life and life to the full” and that offer of Jesus is open to all of us, today! Becoming a Christian is simply to recognise our need of God’s transforming love and forgiveness for our sins and then being willing to follow Jesus – trusting Him with our lives.

We’d love to help you discover how Jesus transforms the lives of ordinary, individual people so they trust him with their lives, recognise that they need his transforming love and forgiveness for their sins and are willing to follow him the rest of their days.