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This is a growing library of helpful resources for children and young people. Do let us know if there are others that you think we should include.

YFC online colouring book

This online colouring book from Youth For Christ has 6 different pictures for children to colour. When finished, the pictures can be saved and then shared with friends or printed out.

The greatest story ever

The Greatest Story Ever is a free family Bible course taking you through the whole story of Scripture. The 15 minute, interative sessions include videos, readings, discussions and printed cards. Suitable for ages 6+

Guardians of Ancora

Guardians of Ancora is a free world class digital game from Scripture Union. It’s loads of fun to play as you explore an immersive world and meet characters from the Bible. It’s aimed at 8 – 11 year olds but is great fun for any age.

God venture

God Venture is a site full of Bible, prayer and seasonal activity ideas for a range of ages including crafts, baking, games, nature, stories and reflections.

Ethos videos

The Ethos YouTube channel has 45 short videos designed to engage young adults aged 18 – 25 with the Christian faith.

Speak Life

Speak Life is a group of fantastic Christians who make exciting and creative videos to help people to understand the good news of Jesus. They have 100s of videos which include interviews, animations, funny drama, teaching, answering thorny questions and lots more.