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Baby Me

Psalm 139:13-16

God made me.

He put me together inside my mam’s tummy.

I thank God because he has made me in an amazing and wonderful way.

I know that what God has done is FANTASTIC!

He watched me grow inside my mam’s tummy.

God planned out all of the days of my life before I was even born!

Did you know that God was the first person to see you?  He saw you when you were still inside your mam’s tummy!

God planned you and he made you just the way you are.  He knows everything about you.

He loved you before you were born.  He will always love you.

Talk to your grown ups about what you were like as a baby.

See if you can find any baby photos you could bring in next week.

Did you do any funny things?

What was your favourite toy?

What was your first word?

What was the first food you tried?

Ask if you can have a photo of yourself as a baby to put into our Time Capsule.


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