Morning service at 11am
Evening service at 6pm

Back to School


It’s the start of a new school year!

Does this make you happy or sad?

Most people probably like some things about school more than others.

I like playtime the best

My teacher is too shouty

We’re going on a trip to a castle

There are too many numbers in the sums

You will probably have lots of new things to get used to:

New teacher

New classroom

New rules

and more work!

Some of the things you do at school are fun, but some can be boring!

Over to You

Think about some of the things that have been happening over this last week. Has anything made you happy? Has anything made you sad?

God is always there. He wants us to talk to Him about everything; even the things that make us mad!

Talk to God and your parents about your week. How can you say thank you for the good things? How can God help you with the times that aren’t so good?

Let us know your ideas!

Taking It Further

Read Psalm 139  with your family.

This psalm tells us that God knows everything about us. Verses 15&16 tell us that God knew us before we were even born! He knows us even better than our mam and dad do!

What this means is that you can talk to Him about anything. If you read through the book of Psalms you will notice that sometimes people tell God that they are angry or sad or frightened. Why not have a go at writing a psalm to tell God how you are feeling.