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We are currently going through strange and unknown times.

Rationing in shops and having to isolate ourselves from family and friends can leave us wondering what the world is coming to.

But, amongst all of the uncertainty, we are seeing acts of kindness as people come together to help one another.

Let’s celebrate these acts of kindness, and give God the glory.

Tell us about the good things that are going on in your neighbourhood by going to the Add A Comment section at the bottom of this page.


  1. Just been listening to some of the testimonies from your Church its great to see God working is so many lives. Stay safe take care with the uncertainties of the world we know God is always with us protecting us and our families. A passage of scripture that was reassuring to me lately was Psalm 91 I hope it will be an encouragement to you to.

  2. Wonderful to have an opportunity to spread good news for a change.
    Great things going on in my street – people looking out for each other, shopping for each other, even offering to bake bread!
    Rainbows in the windows, uplifting chalk pictures and messages on the pavement.
    We now have a street What’s App and have found out more about each other than when we were free to roam as we please.

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