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Advent: No Bake Christmas Cake

A great last minute Christmas cake.


What you need:

7oz (200g) dried fruit

2 tsp ginger wine (or ginger beer)

1 tbsp mixed spice

2 tsp cinammon


Extras to decorate with:

3oz (75g) marzipan

3oz (75g) ready rolled icing

sprinkles or writing icing


What You Do:

1.  Wash your hands.

2.  Put all of your ingredients into a food processor and whiz together until everything is finely chopped.

3.  Ask a grown up to take the mixture out for you.

4.  Divide your cake mix into eight pieces and shape each piece into a square with your hands.

5.  Once you are happy with the shape of your cakes you are ready to start decorating.

6.  Roll out the marzipan and icing to put on top of the cake.

7.  You can then add the finishing touches with sprinkles, icing sugar, writing icing – go crazy!


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