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A Sabbath Surprise

Today we were learning about the very first Easter.

Mary Magdalentombe, Mary the mother of James and their friend Joanna had all gone to Jesus’ tomb.  When they got there they found that the stone had been rolled away … and Jesus’ body was gone!

Mary found Jesus in the garden.  He told her to tell all of the disciples that He had risen from the dead, just as He had said He would.

Over To You

Jesus rising from the dead is a pretty amazing story.  It sounds like it can’t be true.  Nobody other than God has power over death.

Sometimes we can hear things that might sound unbelievable – they might even sound crazy! – but they’re true!

Can you think of any examples?






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Big Thinkers

Read Luke 24:8-12 and talk about these questions with your mam and dad.

Why do you think the disciples didn’t believe the women?

Peter didn’t know whether he could believe what the women said was true or not, so he went and checked it out for himself.

Are there any times when you are not sure what to believe?

How can you check out the facts?

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