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  1. Brilliant message, Duncan. Thank you. And some things in your message that I’ve not heard expressed quite so well or helpfully. And a simple but really meaningful application at the end.

  2. Validation is a the heart of any learning process including the algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. Jesus taught us to test the prophets: “By their fruits you shall know them.”
    Light has a very important role in Genesis chapter 1 not unlike that afforded to it in the “Big Bang Theory” where it blazes through the early cosmos. Light is mysterious so nothing controversial in “Let there be Light.”
    Chapter 1 is quite self contained and many theologians claim that Genesis contains two accounts of Creation written by different authors for indeed Chapter ll has an agenda in purporting to account for Good and Evil in the World. Whereas in Ch. l God proclaimed his creation good, Ch. ll said it wasl not so good after all and gives an explanation loaded with blame and much of the blame is attributed to Women. In the Abrahamic world where the myth is taken literally it has been negative for women.

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