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  1. Hi Abby, I enjoyed your sermon in Church and also that recorded. It is interesting how the exiles were encouraged to seek the peace of the City in what was a barbaric regime but it must be remembered that some Jews in Nazi Germany turned renegade against their own people to save their skin. Daniel and his friends were prepared to serve only the positive aspects of the regime. (It’s interesting that Daniel seems to have followed a Vegan diet while in the story of Caan and Abel God was assumed to esteem meat).
    We don’t have to go back 2500 years to find regimes like the Babylonian. The Ottomans trained up young Christians to be both soldiers and officials. The Cult of Personality was present in Soviet Russia and Iraq and to a high degree in North Korea where visitors an citizens must pay visible respect to statues of the Great Leader and police are present to see that they do.
    Jesus told us to respect our brothers, and this would include our political leaders who suffer from a dangerous anti Cult of Personality.
    Final thought: Did the king erect that statue in response to the interpretation and prophecy of Daniel who had exposed some of the fault lines in the Empire?

  2. Continued: The Babylonians took the Hebrew intelligentsia by force and then by good treatment attempted to make them model Babylonians. The UK has similar policies though force is not involved. First, those with large amounts of money are welcomed with open arms. Second, doctors, scientists and those with similar qualifications enter very easily. Finally, as there is a scarcity of nurses they can enter if they have been offered a job with a salary worth more than £30,000 though in this the Government has set the bar rather high. Welcome to Londolonia.

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