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Isaiah 52

Bible Reading

Isaiah 52:1-6

Wake up! Wake up!
    Zion, clothe yourself with strength.
Holy city of Jerusalem, stand up
    and put on your beautiful clothes!
    Those filthy foreigners will not enter you again.
Jerusalem, get up and shake off the dust!
Daughter Zion, you were a prisoner,
    but take the chains off your neck.
The Lord says,
    “You were not sold for money.
    So I will not use money to set you free.”

The Lord God says, “First, my people went down to Egypt and became slaves. Then Assyria made them slaves. Now look what has happened. Another nation has taken my people,” says the Lord. “That country did not pay to take my people, but they rule over them and laugh at them, and they say bad things about me all the time.” The Lord is the one saying these things.

“This happened so that my people will learn about me. My people will know who I am. My people will know my name, and they will know that I Am He is speaking to them.”

New International Version


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