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Advent: Snow Apples

You can make these chocolatey covered apples into snowballs or snowmen’s heads – either way they taste yummy!

wash your handscompleted snowmen's headsmelt the chocolate

What you need:

1 apple for each person                                                       Snowmen will also need:

100g white chocolate                                                                                 Chocolate chips for eyes and mouth

1 lollipop stick                                                                                                Dried apricot or glace cherry for nose


What you do

1.  Wash your hands.

2.  Break the chocolate into squares and put in a heatproof bowl.

3.  Pour some boiling water into a larger bowl (you might need a grown up!) and then place the heatproof bowl over the water.  Be careful not to get any water onto your chocolate!

4.  Gently stir the chocolate until it has all melted.

5.  Take your appIMAG0154-1le and put it onto a plate with the stalk sticking up.  Pull off the stalk and push a lollipop stick into its place.

6.  Carefully put your apple into the bowl of melted chocolate.  Use a spoon to scoop and pour the chocolate all over your apple.

7.  If you are making a snowball you can now leave it to set.  Sprinkle some icing sugar over the chocolate to look like fresh snow.

TIP: Your snowball will set more quickly if you put it in the fridge.

8.  If you are making a snowman add the chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  Try to push them firmly into the chocolate so that they will stick.

9.  Now for the nose.  A dried apricot works best if you cut it into a mini carrot shape.

10.  Leave your snow apple to set for at least 20 minutes.

11.  You can keep your snow apples for three days, or you can just eat them straight away!


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