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Novena Day Four: Young People

For the grown up version of Novena Prayer Day Four please click here.

On Friday we were praying for older people.  Today is the turn of our young people.  On Saturday we will be praying for children.

Do you know any teenagers or young adults?

A lot of people this age will be doing exams at the moment.

Some of them might be thinking about leaving school and moving away to university.  Some young people will be thinking about the kind of job they want to do.  Younger teenagers might be thinking about what subjects they will study for their exams.

There are lots of life changing moments in a teenager’s life because the decisions they make now can make a difference to the rest of their lives.  We need to pray for the teenagers that we know.

For our prayer activity today we are going to make healthy lollipops to help us remember that God doesn’t always give us the answers we want to our prayers.


To make the lollipops you will need:

A lollipop stick for each lollipop you want to make.

One red, one green and one yellow or orange fruit to make the different coloured lights.  For example you could make a fruity lollipop with green grapes, orange canteloupe and red raspberries or green kiwi fruit, orange slices and red strawberries.  Ideas for vegetable lollipops would be red pepper, orange carrot and green broccoli or red tomato, orange cheese and green cucumber (you would have to leave the skin showing for this to work).

The lollipops are very easy to make.  Simply cut the fruit or vegetable to the size you want it and push it onto the lollipop stick.  Do this with the three different coloured fruits or vegetables so that you have healthy traffic light lollipops.

The different colours on the lollipops are to show us the different ways that God can answer our prayers.


RED means STOP or NO.  Sometimes we might ask God for something that isn’t good for us and he might have to say No. 


AMBER means GET READY or WAIT.  Sometimes we are not ready for the things we ask God for.  We might have to wait until we are older. 


GREEN means GO or YES.  Sometimes we ask God for things that are good to have, and he is happy to give them to us.


Use the Add A Comment section at the bottom of this page to send us photos of your lollipops.  Let us know which fruit and vegetables you use.


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