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Novena Day Five: Women

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Today we are praying for women.  You probably know lots of women; your mam, your grandma, your teachers, you might even have a sister.

Our prayer activity today is to make some special jewellery for a girl or woman you know.  The jewellery is very special because once you have finished wearing it you can eat it!

You can use sweets or fruit to make this jewellery with, depending on how healthy you want to be!

You will need:

Fruit – orange slices, melon chunks, strawberries and bananas work well

Sweets – marshmallows or jelly sweets work best.  (You can buy candy necklace making kits in some shops.)

Liquorice laces for edible necklaces; wool or string is fine for the ones you don’t eat.

You can also use dried penne pasta or paper chains for an inedible necklace.

What you do:

Ask somebody to help you to use a cocktail stick or metal skewer to make holes in you fruit or sweets.  Now all you need to do is push your liquorice lace through the holes in the fruit or sweets to make a necklace or bracelet.

When you have finished simply tie a knot to hold your necklace together and give it to a girl or woman who you know.

While you are threading your necklace, talk to God about some of the girls and women you know.  Tell God what is special about them and say thank you for them.  You might have something special that you want to pray for this person.  You can talk to God about anything.


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