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Novena Day Seven: Single People

For the grown up version of Novena Day Seven click here.

Today we are praying for single people.

This doesn’t mean that all single people are unhappy.  But, like everybody else, single people do need God’s help.

For our prayer activity today we are going to make prayer chains from strips of paper.  You just need to get a piece of plain paper and cut it into strips of about 3cm wide.  Onto each strip write the name of a single person you know (somebody who doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend).  You might have a special prayer you want to write for them.  Talk to God about that person and tell him what you like about them.  Ask him to be with that person and help them in the choices they have to make.

When you have finished writing, bend your strip of paper into a circle and sellotape the ends together to make a ring.  You can loop your prayers together to make a chain.

If you are able to get together and pray with some other people you could make a prayer chain to go across the wall of your room.

Use the Add a Comment section at the bottom of the page to let us know how long your prayer chain is.


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