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Novena Day Eight: Leaders

For the grown up version of Novena Day Eight click here.

Today we are praying for leaders.

You can probably think of lots of people who tell you what to do.

Leaders are really people who help to show you the way, and guide you on the right path to take.

At home it is probably your mam and dad who are your leaders.  You might think that they are too bossy but they are only trying to do what is best for you.  At school the teachers are your leaders.  When you are older you will probably have a boss at work.  You will also be able to vote and choose who leads the country.

A good leader will be a follower of God.  They will try to help you to follow God’s rules and show you how to make God the king of your life.

It is important that we pray for our leaders and ask God to help them to make the right choices so that we can be happy and safe.

For today’s prayer activity ask if you can light a candle while you pray.  Watch the flame flickering while you talk to God.  Think about the people you have as leaders.  Ask God to help you to be a good follower; not somebody who is always complaining or not wanting to do what they are told.  Think about the things these people lead you in.  Ask him to help them to be good leaders, following God’s way, even when it’s tough.


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