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Pentecost Sunday

On Sunday we learnt about Pentecost.  This was a Jewish festival where the people said Thank You to God for the grain harvest.

Today Christians say Thank You to God for His gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The friends of Jesus had locked the doors of the room they were in so that the soldiers would not come and arrest them, like they had arrested Jesus.

Suddenly a strong wind began to blow, making the room shake. Then tongues of fire landed on the disciple’s heads but they were not burnt – God was sending them the Holy Spirit as a special helper.

Why not read the full story in Acts chapter 2.

Over to You

Try building a house with an upstairs room out of dominoes or empty cereal boxes.

Can you blow hard enough to make the room shake?  Can you blow the house down?

Taking it further

Think about all of the things you would like to say Thank You to God for.

Why not make a collage to show some of your ideas?  You could send us a photo of your picture.

Let us know what you are thankful for by going to Add a Comment at the bottom of the page.


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