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Review: Paradoxology

Paradoxology by Krish Kandiah is an excellent exploration of some of the trickier bits of the Bible and paradoxes of faith.

Two things set this book apart:

  1. Kandiah is a really gifted communicator and his use of illustrations and examples is spot on. He is a pleasure to read and there are so many sentences that beautifully shed light on deep biblical truths.
  2. He tackles issues that many other Christian writers skip over or shy away from. I have been asking all sorts of questions about predestination and election in particular and have rarely found any Christians brave enough to explore these conundrums with me. Thank God for Krish, who dives straight in with these issues and many more.

This is an honest, deep, theologically satisfying book. It’s easy to read thanks to Kandiah’s superb writing style, but is worth savouring, praying over and reading with your Bible in one hand so that you can make the most of all the rich insights.


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