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Novena Day Nine: Children

For the grown up version of Novena Day Nine click here.

Today is the last day of our nine days of prayer for Novena.  We are praying for children.

How many children do you know?

I bet there are lots!

Think of some of the children who:

you like

you play with

are funny

are clever

you find difficult to get along with

For today’s prayer activity get some bubble mix and blow bubbles while you talk to God in your head.

Think about the children you know.  Are there any things you can think of that they need God’s help with?  Tell God about some of the children you know and ask him to be with them.


Here is a recipe to make your own bubble mix:

13.5tbsp(238ml/8oz) water

1.5tsp (7.5ml) washing up liquid

1tsp (5ml) glycerine

Mix your ingredients together in a jug or old cup.

Get a bubble wand and blow some beautiful bubbles!

TIP: Try adding a drop or two of liquid flavouring (that you add to cooking) to your bubble mix to give it a nice smell.

(You can also add food colouring to colour your bubbles, but BE WARNED: the bubbles MAY stain the carpet if you play indoors!)

Use the Add a Comment section at the bottom of this page to let us know how your bubble mix turns out.


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